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Subject: Fantasy And RealityAs a 45 year old guy looking forward to retirement and
having divorced ten years ago I have scaled my life down to
the point where I live on a boat in Vancouver B.C. I have
always had feelings that I was bi-sexual and have often
fantasized about sex with other men but have never touched
or been touched by a man. Well, fantasy met reality in a
very strange way yesterday.On arriving home from work I noticed the door on the boat
was unlocked. Since I often leave the door open this was not
a big concern. Being Vancouver in the winter it is dark at
five in the evening but there is enough light on the dock to
navigate inside to the rear stateroom where I sleep. Upon
descending the three steps I noticed the smell of aftershave
and quickly turned on the light. Sitting on the bed was a
good looking thirty five year old guy with short hair,
slender but rather well built. Before I could react he was
off the bed, had a firm grip on my arm and had spun me
around and pushed me hard against the wall. While this is
happening, he is identifying himself as a Police officer and
telling me to calm down.He told me to stand still and he would explain what he was
doing on the boat as soon as he searched me. At this point
I'm not scared but starting to get angry. He instructed me
to place my hands high on the wall step back and spread a little lolita model
legs. nude stockings loli russian He started with my arms and slowly worked his way down
my body patting everywhere. When his hands came around to my
chest his patting became more like a massage, pinching my
nipples through my shirt and sending an electrical charge to
my groin. After lingering on my nipples for what seemed like
minutes he then slowly worked his way down over my stomach
to my crotch where he lingered and squeezed feeling the
outline of my hardening cock. He then moved down to my
ankles and slowly run his hands up the inside and outside of
my legs. Again as he reached my crotch he massaged my cock
and balls long enough that I had a raging hard on, an
obvious bulge in my pants and a growing wet spot. At this
point he sat back on the bed and told me to turn around.He pointed to some white powder on the counter and said that
he had been tipped that I had cocaine on the boat and that
it had tested positive. Now this had me scared again, since
I had never used any illegal drugs in my entire life. He
said he would not like to see me go to jail and he said he
would cut me a deal to save me the humiliation of getting
butt fucked in front of a bunch of other guys and keep jail
off my record. I started to relax and asked what I had to do
to avoid going to jail. What he said next, I was not
expecting.He said that if I was willing to submit to a strip search
and a "VERY THROUGH" body cavity search (his emphasis not
mine) and he found no other evidence of drugs he would flush
the powder down the toilet and let me go. He then explained
that he wanted me to strip and stand against the wall so he
could pat me down again to make sure he didn't miss anything
the first time. The idea of standing naked spread eagle with
this stud running his hands over my naked body made my cock
even harder. It finally sunk in that my choice was simple,
go to jail and get fucked by whomever or let this good
looking guy fuck me right now but one way or the other it
looked like I was going to get fucked.
I started to remove my clothes slowly but he became
impatient and said that if I didn't hurry he would just cuff
me and take me downtown. My pace quickened along with my
pulse and I finally pulled off my jockey shorts and stood
there with a raging hard on. He put me against the wall and
told me to step back, spread my legs and relax.
He started the "pat down" the same as before only there was
little patting and a lot of caressing. When he got to my
nipples he pinched and squeezed until they were like rocks.
His hands slowly worked down over my stomach to my cock
which by now was standing straight up and my balls were
pulling up fast. He slowly pulled my foreskin back and
fingering the slippery tip of my cock commented about how
much pre-cum I was putting out and said it seemed like I was
enjoying the search. After squeezing my balls and noting
that he liked that I shaved them and trimmed my pubic hair
he knelt down and started at my left ankle and slowly worked
his hands up the inside and outside of my leg to my butt.
When he got to my ass he slid a finger up my crack and
gently pushed at my hole making me moan softly. He did the
same with the other leg and once again tweaked my hole
making me moan with pleasure.He stood up and pulled on a rubber glove and instructed me
to bend over the end of the bed. I begged him not to do this
and he just said better him than a cell mate with a big
dick. I got the message and lay over the end of the bed and
he instructed me to spread my legs wide, this of course gave
him access to my hole. My heart was pounding and my legs
were shaking. His finger slowly traced its way down my crack
stopping at my hole and then continuing down until he
reached my balls gently squeezing. He moved back up and just
massaged my hole for a few minutes making my cock even
harder and then I felt something cold and wet being applied
and his finger gently pushing into my virgin ass causing an
involuntary growling noise from my throat. Somehow all of
this was beginning to feel very good and my cock was rock
hard and drooling pre-cum. He probed my ass and applied even
more lube inserting first one finger sliding slowly in and
out then adding more lube and then two and finally three
fingers, giving me the distinct idea that his fingers were
not the only thing that was going to be up there tonight.After hitting my prostate a couple of times and making me
moan, he laughed and told me to stand up and turn around.
He told me to open my mouth and he stood very close and put
his mouth over mine and started pushing his tongue into my
mouth. Now I had never kissed a guy before and I was finding
it a very pleasant feeling. flashing nude lolita girls Before long I was kissing him
back and he was getting very excited and I preteen lolas underwear models could feel his
hard cock through his pants pressing against mine. He
stopped and stepped back looking at my rock hard cock
laughing, saying that I was enjoying this way too much.As he removed very young lolita 16 his shirt he explained that he didn't think
his tongue was long enough and I should get on my knees in
front of him. He unzipped his pants and dropped them along
with his white bikini shorts. I am now on my knees looking
at a perfect seven inch thin cut cock, shaved balls and an
overall tan, this guy is really a stud. He told me to touch
him and take it into my mouth. I was excited and told him
that I teen lolita 15 years
had always wondered what it would be like to taste a
guy's cock. I opened my mouth and slowly let it slide in
being careful with my teeth. The taste was what I expected
with the coating of salty sweet pre-cum. He took the back of
my head and pulled me forward until his cock was at my
throat and his pubic hair was tickling my nose. After
several thrusts making me choke and gag a little, I finally
got used to the feeling of his cock hitting the back of my
throat and realized that I was giving my first blow job.
When lolita boy 13 nude he realized that I was enjoying it he told me to stop
and stand up. I was disappointed not being able to find out
what it tasted like to have a guy cum in my mouth.
He kissed me again and while squeezing my cock and balls,
explained that if his tongue were too short then his finger
probably was too short as well. He then smiled and told me
to bend over the end of the bed and spread my legs. I
started to panic and begged him not to fuck me. He said this
is going happen one way or the other and forced me back on
the lolita russia 16 year bed face down. He then held my neck with one hand while
he kicked my legs apart. I felt his hot hard cock still
wet from my mouth touch my exposed hole. He started slowly
working his cock up my already lubed ass. I tried to relax
and was begging him to go slow and let me get used to it but
after it was in he started fucking me taking long slow
strokes in and out. After a few minutes there was no pain
and I found myself pushing back against him trying to get
him in deeper. I soon realized that this is what I had
wanted for years and could not get enough of his hard cock.After fucking me for about ten minutes he realized I was
enjoying it and he stopped pulled out and told me to roll
over on my back because he wanted to fuck me like a girl. He
pulled my legs up to his shoulders and stuck his cock back
up my ass. At this angle he was pounding my prostate with
every stroke sending a shock through my system that I had
only imagined. He leaned forward and starting kissing me,
which was more like he was fucking my mouth with his tongue
while he fucked my ass with his cock. His pace quickened
and I felt his cock getting bigger and I felt him start to
pulse shooting his cum up my no longer virgin ass. This was
all too much for my senses flashing nude lolita girls and my ass contracted and I shot
streams between us leaving a large pool of white hot sticky
cum.He leaned forward and kissed me saying that I was free to go
and thanked me for being so cooperative. He lay in this
position until his cock slowly shrank and slid from my ass.
I told him that I would keep a small bag of powdered sugar
in the stateroom in case he wanted to search me again.

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